Sunday, May 27, 2007

Leo Fong gives Code Red a "shoot" style commentary!

Martial Arts superstar, Leo Fong, gives Code Red an unplugged "shoot" commentary for REVENGE OF THE BUSHIDO BLADE as he talks about his new projects. Fong also talks about Bruce Lee and how he used to hang out with him, his opinions and criticism on other Martial Artists like Darnella Garcia, Master Bong Soo Hahn, Roland Dantes, Bolo, etc., and his religious beliefs. Fong also talks about "Fongploitation", about making films in the Philippines, about Crown International, and issues a challenge: a "winner takes all" to Carl Morano!

This is a must listen for all martial art afficionados! As you can see, Leo is still kickin' at the age of 78!

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